Heart At Work

Carefully and lovingly hand crafted gifts for the body, home and soul,

to represent the people, animals and culture of our ancient earth.

We love our African Heritage, therefore our cushions

represent our animals, proteas, lighthouses and historic buildings

amongst others and our wind spinners also show case our animals,

lifestyle and search for meaning in Life.

Our Sacred Geometry Décor with Crystals remind us of Natures intrinsic perfection and repetition in all things.

Choose a crystal mobile or necklace to remind you of the strength

of our Earth or simply a gift voucher to spoil a friend with freedom

of choice.

At our Chelsea Village Shop we also curate creations made by friends and relating to well being of the whole body, pop in to find our favourite remedies to support sleep, lungs or anxiety.

While our creations celebrate life on earth, they are also

contemporary and perfect for every type of person and gifting occasion.

The development and crafting of these beautiful items allows

the people we work with to become the custodian of skills,

empowering them to earn a sustainable income.

This will enable them to provide for the basic and educational

needs of their children, while being a present parent and

effective role model.

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heART AT WORK®101 (Pty) Ltd 2013/091291/07 (social enterprise, trading arm): 

  • Waterfront Watershed – V&A Waterfront – Cape Town
  • Chelsea Village, 6 Bright Street / 3 Stellendal Road, Somerset West
  • heART AT WORK® TRUST IT 2045/2012
  • (non-profit 116-645 &  public benefit 930041426):  Somerset West, Helderberg

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